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Kissing Basics

Kissing is great thing that just comes naturally over the time with a little practice you will learn to kiss great! This article talks about all the basics you need to remember when kissing to help you become a good kisser.

There are plenty of different types of kisses out there, the two most frequent ones are French Kissing and Close mouth Kissing the French kiss involves the tongue and open mouth and the close mouth kissing is pretty straight ahead lip to lip. This article is tailored for all the initial time kissers you will study the important basics you need to know to be a good kisser.

Close up Eyes

Before your lips meet close your eyes because most people have their eyes closed when kissing, you should do this until you get to know him/her then you can do what suits you. Looking into each others eyes can be very erotic and some people really like it.

Good Breathing

Is very important for you, to regularly clean your teeth before going out on your dates. It is a good idea to take some mints along with you because you might stop by a restaurant and have a snack, before the kiss take a mint or some chewing gum. Remember to do this before the kiss you don’t want to be chewing or moving around a mint in your mouth while you kiss.

  • Take some mints with you on Dates.

  • Floss your teeth regularly.

  • Clean your teeth twice a day and once before going on a date.

  • Use mouthwash too.

Perfume The fresher you look, the more irresistible you will seem to your date. So make sure to have a good shower/bath before going out on the date for the girls spend in some nice perfume and guys, get yourself a good cologne or substitute with some aftershave or a good deodorant.

The Lips

If you are a girl don’t wear lip gloss because it can get very icky while kissing particularly if you put on too much, it will get very sticky for the guy. Same with lipstick don’t put a lot on unless you want your date to wear lipstick after the kiss. Before engaging in a kiss make sure to have moist lips so lick your lips a little just before the kiss this will help your lips move easily on your partner’s lips and generally makes a very pleasant experience.

Dating Tips Corner: Kissing Tips on a Date


While you kiss make sure you breathe through your nose avoid breathing through your mouth as this is very difficult and is unpleasant for the other person. You need to get into a calm relaxed state where you are breathing normally in a nice pattern this way you won’t run out of air while kissing.

  • Don’t hold your breathe.

  • Be peaceful.

  • Respire through the nose and push out air through it.

What to do with the handsIf it is your first kiss with your date it will be a good idea to keep your hands above her head, so guys don’t get any idea because there will be plenty of time for that on other dates. For the guys it is huge to place one hand on her lower jawbone and ever so gently caress up and down while your other hand is on her hip. In time you will learn exactly how important the right touch can be. Don’t concern too much about where your hands are located however; you don’t want to have you arms just hanging beside you while you kiss. The best thing for a girl to do is wrapping her arms around his neck or has one arm on his hip and the other anywhere above the hips; this can be on the shoulders, back or neck.

That is everything you need to know for the very basics of kissing, it may appear very difficult at first but in real life it is so much easier, plus you have the advantage of knowing exactly what you are doing the rest comes in nature.