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How to Kiss a Girl or How to French Kiss?

This is something that is not educated in the colleges, and it weighs thousands of times to have seen it in the movies, the truth is that do not come badly any tracks that help to give a good kiss of love (called French kiss), so you ask yourself: How to Kiss a Girl or How to French Kiss?


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The steps to kiss well are:

1. Get wet the lips. The dry lips do not move well. It is better to have them humid they will move and slip with more smoothness. So if you are going to kiss discreetly get wet them.

2. Inclines your head. A slight inclination of the head towards a side will avoid in meeting nose with nose and will allow giving a kiss with more facility and in spite of major “depth”. Try to avoid to incline the head to the same side that your couple.

3. Closes your eyes. If she agrees you come closer to kiss your girl, her look at the eyes, but as soon as these near your mouth she closes her eyes.

4. If she begins with a soft kiss with closed mouth. The French kiss is a kiss with opened mouth, but you do not have hurry, do not rush forth of entry of sudden form. If she starts by opening your lips very slowly, enjoy yourself in the smoothness and tenderness of a kiss.

5. Enjoys the lips of your girl. To kiss debit to be a shared decision: you need to know if your woman wants a French kiss without asking it. It is the movement of your lips the form of asking it. If she opens a bit your lips slowly enjoy the lips of your girl. Search carefully for her lips, rubs a bit your language with her lips. This it is the sign of that you wish a French kiss. If the language of your girl does not answer of the same way or does gesture of moving back, probably you should leave the French kiss for another better moment… If she answers, you go on to the following step.

6. Explores with your language. If your girl gives samples of liking the kiss with opened mouth, slowly opens your mouth a bit more and softly pushes your language a bit more inside in her mouth. The language is very sensitive, so the mere fact of touching the language of your girl will be very pleasant and stimulant for the two. You do not put your language too much inside her mouth; she plays softly with her language.

7. She kisses slowly. To enjoy a French kiss you must go with slowness, without hurries. Take time to explore the language of your girl.

8. Make it different. As soon as you sit down comfortably kissing a girl, tempter to do always the same thing. Add variety, mixture you sew. For example, often kisses more deeply, other times gives more attention to the lips that to the language, or upside-down, she explores the desires, the times and the paces of your couple in the art of kissing…

9. Learns the language of the kiss of your girl. Every person kisses of different form, and every person enjoys different ways of kissing. There is no only the only “suitable” way of kissing. What separates the good kissers of the villains is the skill of the first ones to read the language of the body of his girl. She tries to identify “tracks” in the way of kissing of your girl who lead you to making enjoy to her kiss. Her sighs or groans or the return of the kiss with bigger intensity, are a part of this language.

10. Develop your own style. A good French kiss, since any good kiss needs practice. You will make them better the more you kiss. All the mass you kiss a person, more comfortable you will feel kissing her and it will allow to develop an own style that the two likes you. Remembers that the best advice to kiss is that you sit it indeed and you are your same, as you are. If it is a question of your first kiss, the page looks at the first kiss and later you return here.